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It's late and your boss wants you to test that janky prototype laser rifle. Now the trigger is stuck and you've got to wrangle a run-away laser and try to get to a safe place to dispose of it without melting your entire office.

Hey y'all, I hope you enjoy this prototype. This is my first jam game, and it was a great learning experience. I'm sad that I only got one level done in time, but I'll probably keep puttering on this one. Let me know what you all like and what you didn't like.

By the way, you can adjust the difficulty up and down by messing with the recoil slider in the options.

Updated 29 days ago
AuthorPrivate Butts
GenreShooter, Puzzle

Install instructions

Extract it to a place you fancy, and run the "Laser Raizer.exe" file to play the game.


Laser Razer - Windows 32 bit 23 MB
Version 2 Jul 12, 2020

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